Asset Building-Financial Literacy

Asset Building/Financial Literacy is one of those lessons that should be learned EARLY in life because having the tools can keep you from making HUGE financial mistakes.

Stimulus Relief -What You Should Know---Please use your money WISELY! If you owe rent, or other bills--now is the time to get caught up! 


Congratulations is in-store!  Residents O'Kima D. and Shawnee W.  (click the links to see their videos) WON the Financial Literacy Video Challenge Challenge! Thanks to our partnership with TIME Organization, the winners were able to receive $20 gift-cards for their videos. 

They did it! Residents of Pedestal Gardens completed a 7 week class that focused on Financial Literacy. The classes prepared residents for the move to Marshall Gardens which will occur in 2019. Some of the topics that were covered were retrieving credit reports and understanding them, budgeting, savings, what is credit and why is it important, life insurance, having a healthy relationship with money, etc...Residents worked hard to understand finances because what they realized is that if you do NOT understand money and how to use it to better yourself, your financial destiny will look bleak! Knowledge is POWERFUL and it can change situations!  Congrats Ladies, on a job well done! Special Thanks to interns of Coppin State, Tosha and Deanna (not in the photo) for leading the literacy classes--Great Job! 

How does Financial Literacy relates to Life Insurance? Well, if you have a set monthly budget and someone in your family unexpectedly dies YOU will be left to make arrangements! The BIG question will be did your love one have a LIFE INSURANCE POLICY? If NOT what are you going to do? You will have to pay for the arrangements yourself OR ask people for money and HOPE that they give it to you. NO ONE has to be in that position! Click to watch the video Why Should I Have Life Insurance?
Residents did an excellent job with listening and asking questions to Mike Williams (insurance broker) who educated residents about how to KNOW what your looking for in your policies and most importantly to get an insurance policy. SPECIAL THANKS to resident Shawnee Wright for sharing her story about the  recent passing of her mom who did not have life insurance. If you need a referral for insurance call/text 443-281-3517

What have you learned in the previous sessions? Residents have to remember what they have learned in the previous sessions with playing Financial Literacy Jeopardy!

Residents who are interested in moving to our new location, have signed up for financial literacy sessions led by our interns from Coppin State, and supported by Pedestal's RSC.  Today's topic was about the "BIG C" word---CREDIT and the "BIG B" word---BUDGET! Knowledge is POWER! We shared powerful and life-changing financial information in this session!

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