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Expecting Parents, please sign up for Virtual Baby Basics. 

                                                                    Summer Calendar 
Please click the link for the link  to view >>Central West Baltimore Summer Calendar<<

            CLQ Challenge Winners 
Thank you to all of the residents who completed our annual CLQ! The 5 winners of the CLQ Challenge are: Rodney M., Tasia B., Barbara H, Kenneth B. and Kenshawna L. These lucky winners will win a $25 giftcard. 

We have a winner for Voter's Registration Rent Raffle!
As we know this voting year really MATTERED because so much at stake with our democracy, educational systems, economic systems, social-economic systems, health systems, housing systems and the lists go one--not to mention that every American is knee deep in trying to stay healthy and alive in the midst of COVID-19! 

Because we know how important this  the 2020 election year, we asked our residents that if they could prove that they voted (we  verify it) they would be into a rent raffle to win UP TO $100 off January's rent. On 12/2/2020, we had a virtual raffle and guess who won---Congratulations to Denise D.  won $100 of January's rent for being a registered voter!


Be Counted! 
Make your voice COUNT! We were able to not only provide back to school supplies to our youth, we were also able to have a rent raffle for residents who could prove that they are registered to vote. Residents who are not register will make an appointment with CL to get registered. 

                                                      The Holiday Spirit
We love this time of year because the season spreads great vibes! Click on the video links to see how Santa "got down" with the residents.

The Christmas Spirit  (click download if the videos do not automatically play)
And they danced


                                                          The Garden Club
Under the guidance Chris who is the Youth Leader of So What Else, youth who are enrolled in the after school program have had the experience in learning about gardening. The youth have learned about how to measure, types of flowers and foods that can be planted and nature it self. Planting has become an effort with the youth as well as the adults. 

Click to see video of  >>>>>Youth Cleaning Up the Community <<<<<

                                               Community Cookout & Ice-cream Social 

How to we say farewell to the Summer?? That's right, we have a Resident Cookout and with the help of one of our community partners, TIME Organization we were able to have a Girl's Ice-cream Social! One of our goals at Pedestal is to have a good partnership with Residents, Security, Property Management and Community Life. We know that in order for us to be supportive of our residents and their needs, we have to BUILD TRUST. 


                                               Summer Camp at Pedestal
Greetings Parents and Youth! Below is Pedestal Gardens Summer Camp Schedule. Camp activities are subject to change. Field trips will be scheduled and notices will be sent home with the kids. Camp starts July 1st - August 2nd 2019

9:00-1:00- Sherrett & Staff:  So What Else Enrichment Camp

9:00-1:00- Sherrett & Staff:  So What Else Enrichment Camp

9:00-1:00- Sherrett & Staff:  So What Else Enrichment Camp

9:00-1:00- Sherrett & Staff:  So What Else Enrichment Camp

9:00-1:00- Sherrett & Staff:  So What Else Enrichment Camp

1:00-1:30 Lunch
1:00-1:30 Lunch
1:00-1:30 Lunch
1:00-1:30 Lunch
1:00-1:30 Lunch
1:30-2:30pm: TIME Org
Ms. Monica & Ms. Jackie

1:30-3:30- Sherrett & Staff  So What Else Enrichment Camp
1:30-3:30pm: TIME Org
Ms. Monica & Ms. Jackie

1:30-3:30- Sherrett & Staff So What Else Enrichment Camp
1:30-3:30- Sherrett & Staff So What Else Enrichment Camp
2:30- 3:00 Sherrett & Staff  So What Else Enrichment Camp

2:30- 3:00 Sherrett & Staff So What Else Enrichment Camp

2:30- 3:00 Sherrett & Staff So What Else Enrichment Camp

                                               Join Ray Kelly as he host the vision & listening session. 
    Food will be available 

4/22/2019                                      Violence In the Community 

Violence begets violence! Youth and parents were mandated to attend a meeting due to the youth causing violence in the community. Naturally, parents sided with their children; however, the purpose of the meeting was to get to the core of the issues--can you believe that this all started on social media???!!! Yes, as we know some adults struggle with social media and children are more likely to struggle because they do NOT have the ability to filter nor the ability to understand the responsibilities of being on social media. 
I was super proud of the parents and youth as they came to an understanding holistically with the help of Sparrow SecurityYoung Leaders Society and TIME Organization, who are our partners and helped the community members understand violence and the impact that it has on the community. As a result of this "intervention" a Youth Advisory Board and Parent Advisory Board was formed."


                                                          Building 16's Q-Mixer
Our residents in the 16 Buildings attended the FIRST Q-Mixer that was JUST for their building. Some really great things came out of the's a few:
> In the Welcome, residents enjoyed breakfast/brunch followed by the ice-breaker which was  The Human Bingo Game where it was our job to find someone that matches one of the twenty questions or statements.  One of the items was who Does NOT like chicken--This was the only square that no one had a name in😃. 
> The New and Good was a great time for residents and team members to talk about the New/Good-it was good that residents recognized that our team is growing and they are making changes with maintenance and security--This was GREAT to hear! 
> Table Talk hosts were Ms. Charlene who's topic was people sleeping in the laundry room and what can be done about it? Ms. Paulette's topic was living in Pedestal Gardens community what can be done to make it better. Both groups did an amazing job with not just talking about the problems--each found solutions which was to communicate with staff (Property Management, Community Life and Security). I loved the fact that our Community Security was there to here some of the concerns👏
>In the Market Place, we did a good job with making offers, requests or announcements: I stared off with an offer, which was to come over to the 16's twice a week to do a walk through since it was noted that there is a problem with unwanted traffic in the buildings in one of the groups; Ms. Patricia made a request to have the blocks taken off the main doors; Ms. Denise made a request for more patrolling; Ms. Alderman made a request for more lights in the back hallway as well as can residents grill outside, Ms. Marrow made an announcement that there will be more patrolling (Meloni and officers) and the final and funniest announcement of the day was that Ms. Alderman who is 64 years old announced that she is having a baby🤣. 
>In the Bump and Spark, we ensured that all the connections were made AND we even talked about doing the Parking Lot Take Over in the Summer. THANKS to Coppin State Social Workers, Res1 and OUR residents! 

                                                                Fire, Fire Fire!!!
In Baltimore in 2018, there were 28 fatal deaths related to HOME-FIRES! Thanks to Kimberly D. who is a S-HERO our residents will NOT be counted in such a fatality, because Kimberly D. sprang into action when she smelled smoke!  She ran out of her building and saw that the building next to hers was on fire! She first called 911, alerted Property Management staff and alerted her neighbors by banging on the lower-level doors while two member of Property Management alerted other residents in the building. Thanks to her QUICK response, everyone safely exited the buildings! Thanks to our partner TIME Org for sponsoring a gift-card for Ms. Damon.

Special Thanks to Our Partners!
Special THANKS to our community partners who are ALWAYS supportive in helping the residents of Pedestal Gardens. TIME Organization not only provides our children and adults with therapeutic and PRP supports, they also contribute monetarily in our efforts in enhancing Community Life's outcome goals in the areas of Housing Stabilization, Workforce Development, Youth Development/Education, Asset Building, Health/Wellness and Community Development. 
Reverend Grey of Memorial Episcopal Church  supported our fulfilled our kids's Christmas wish-list as they provided in-kind donations so that the kids of Pedestal Gardens can have a Merry Christmas!  
A very Healthy THANKS to B'More for Healthy Babies for providing our staff with Blood Pressure training so that we can offer pressure screenings to our residents! To date, our staff has been able to provide blood pressure screenings to 79 adults and children! 

                                             Resident Appreciation Luncheon 
Throughout 2018, we have had residents who have shown to be great residents by giving back to the community in a variety of ways or participating in programs in Community Life that helps them and/or family members to elevate in the areas of Housing Stabilization, Early Childhood Development/Youth Development, Workforce Development, Asset Building, Community Engagement, and Health & Wellness. In the luncheon we talked about the community as a whole and we agreed that WE have come a long way and WE still have a ways to go--but we can do it  best when we work together. Special Thanks to Monument Lodge #3 for providing the off-site location for the luncheon ,TIME Organization for sponsoring the luncheon, & residents Paulette A., Sonya F., Tara B., Tyneisha K., Jenny J., Yolanda D., and Beverly W. (not shown in pict.) for showing throughout the year that they WANT to see change in Pedestal! WE needed this! 
 Fun Fall Festival at Pedestal Gardens

Thanks to our community partners B'More Healthy Babies that sponsored the Fun Fall Festival, we were able to provide an event that focused on education and fun. The interns of Coppin State University did a WONDERFUL job with creating a Jeopardy game allow our youth to have confidence in learning AND to help one another when someone had difficulty answering the question! For this event, we were able to focus on two of Community Life's Outcome Areas: Community Engagement & Youth Development.

NARCAN Training
Drug and alcohol addiction throughout our country has claimed many lives. In 2018, a preliminary review of deaths due to drugs and alcohol addiction in Maryland has claimed over 3,000 lives and the Opioid addiction alone has claimed over one-third of the total death through out the state--just in Baltimore City, almost 500 lives have been claimed by both drugs an alcohol; however, with the increasing addiction to Opioids in Baltimore City alone over 400 lives have been claimed in 2018 thus far. Baltimore City Health Department was able to connect with staff and residents to inform us about the increasing deaths as related to addiction in general--with a special emphasis on Opioid & Fentanyl addiction! 


                                                   Game Truck
Thanks to our Community Partner, B'More Healthy Babies that sponsored our event, youth and adults of Pedestal Gardens were able to enjoy the game truck!!


9/19/2018                                  Karaoke at the 16 Buildings 
Pedestal is a family site; however, we do serve a small population of older residents who are not comfortable with intermingling with younger residents. Because of this barrier, we are making deliberate efforts to have activities that the older residents can participate in. So, with that being said--we enjoyed the "Get Down at the 16"

                                                   National Night Out!!
Yes, Pedestal's first National Night Out was successful! Many THANKS to our community members, community organizations, and community leaders for making our first NNO, a GREAT one! We were presented with this Certificate of Recognition from the City of Baltimore for supporting the NNO efforts! WE ROCK!!!

 Local Fireman, showing love with the youth! Meloni Thanking Sgt.Gains for attending!

The YMCA supported NNO and they sell amazing salt                  bath/shower scrubs!!
Dave  of So What Else wants a hug but is soaking wet from playing b-ball!!
 They hug anyway!

 Extreme Loyalty Represents for NNO!

 Office Lee supported NNO in more ways than ever! He's an awesome Community Cop!!
 Community kids chattin' it up!

 Washina, posing with Kayla & neighborhood kids

 Team work--makes the dream work--getting the Moon Bounce set up!

Washina and an officer from the 11th District!

Jhamurri talking to the Sheriff--he said he wanted his deputy badge😄! 

 We love the local Fire Department!

Royce, Pedestal Gardens Property Manger's club, Extreme Loyalty,  supported NNO!

   Monica, Pedestal's site therapist of TIME Organization supported                                                                   NNO with helping with face painting!

Royce,  Property Manager of Pedestal Gardens for Residential ONE, supported NNO & Washina, Senior Director of The Community Builders for Community Life, supported NNO!

 Taliyah, one of our campers ,who is ONLY 10 years old is designing a beautiful butterfly for a kid of the community! Her talent is unbelievable! Art is her passion!!
Healthcare Access supported NNO! Jeff, Coordinator of Promise Heights, of Family Prosperity                                                                      supported NNO!
Karen, Community Liaison of Baltimore City Community College, supported NNO! Total Health Care supported NNO! & Destiny Pedestal's Youth                                                               Worker (in black shirt) supported NNO!
Celest and Meldon of B'More Healthy Babies supported                                                                           NNO!

Tyrone Coordinator of Diabetes Education & Outreach of St. Agnes Hospital, supported NNO!
Nicholas, Executive Director of Maryland Citizens for the Arts,supported NNO!

Meloni, Resident Services Coordinator of The Community                                          Builders for Community Life, supported NNO!

 Thanks to TIME our youth of the community are enjoying NNO

 Taliyah and Jhamurri enjoying NNO 
Dave, Co-Founder and Executive Director of So What Else Organization is supporting and enjoying NNO with a friendly game of B-Ball with youth!

Pedestal's Community Cleaning Initiative 
Shout out to Residents Yolanda ., Malik H. Javonta, Jacqai and Sonya for kicking off Pedestal's Community Cleaning Initiative. Job Well DONE!! 

                                                        Pedestal's First Q Mixer
Pedestal's first Q-Mixer went extremely well! Overall, residents wanted to upgrade the beautification at Pedestal and so that's what we will do!  Royce, the Property Manager gave residents good insight as to what's to come with Pedestal and she made a good point that residents and staff are partners as to keeping Pedestal running smoothly--including keeping the halls clean and cleaning the community. We are excited that staff and employees have created buy-in in working together to keep Pedestal looking great!


                                                    Ms. Yolanda Dow Q-Mixer Winner

Ms. Yolanda Dow was one of the residents who attended Pedestal's FIRST Q-Mixer and she won a $25 gift-card which was sponsored by TIME Org. Congrats Ms. Dow! 
                                                            Father's Day Event
                                Todd R. & William J. enjoyed a relaxing day of food and fraternizing with one another--what was the topic? Music! Yes, you know when you put some good ole tunes on the mood changes! We talked about what singers we'd consider to be the best--so, here's a few: Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Patty Label, Earth Wind & Fire and the list goes ON! Great conversation and guess what they live in the same area and did NOT know one another--now they do! 
A few MEN of Pedestal Gardens have decided to put a MEN'S ONLY EVENT for FATHER'S DAY. The group will break bread, listen to some good music and connect with one another. Be sure to join them on FRIDAY JUNE 15th at 1pm. Call/text to confirm that you will be in the group 443-281-3517.

Ditte and Monica from TIME created a moment of TIME (😃😃) for residents as residents painted connecting colors to feelings. As we all can attest to feelings/emotions run very deep and whether or not we realize it feelings are deeply tied to every sense that have. For instance, I LOVE the color blue--specifically Royal Blue and the feeling that I get when I see blue is a feeling of calm, being at peace and tranquility. TIME did an AMAZING job with helping residents to connect their feelings/emotions to colors

Monica of T.I.M.E does an amazing job with educating our residents about various feelings as they can negatively impact our abilities to focus on the things that matter to us. Stress can be a silent killer so Monica shares how we can alleviate stress by doing simple things like listening to music, talking to a trusted person, exercising, etc...Residents gave good insight as how stress causes them to be off task if they don't take charge of it. Ladies,you can join our meetings every Tuesday at 12:30. Men, will have men's groups on Thursdays 12:30 in 2018. Please join the groups!

                                                       B'More Healthy Babies
Expecting moms and dads should know about how to avoid infant mortality. They should also know that diet plays a HUGE part in an unborn child's development. Stacey and  the B'More Healthy Babies team  have been instrumental in helping parents to understand how beneficial good nutrition and good health can not only have a positive impact on infants but a positive impact on parents.

                                                      Relocation Residents Meeting
It's finally going to happen! The Community Builders, Inc. is in process of building another community which will be located in the Laurens Street, Division Street, & Pennsylvania Ave. Community. Residents had many questions and rightfully so as some of our Pedestal Residents will be moving to the new community and others will stay at Pedestal.

                                                   Pushing Pedestal Forward (#PPF)
Residents agree that our communities are in need of healing and members of PPF join monthly to discuss positive things about yourselves and the community. This was a feel-good event, with great convo, great music, smiles and hot chocolate to top it off--and guess what ALL of us are wearing ORANGE( research to see what the color orange means). Join us monthly, the next PPF meeting will be in January. Hope to see you there in your ORANGE!

Pushing Pedestal Forward- Remembering Officer Reginald Jefferson

A beloved community member was killed while serving HIS community. Reginald Jefferson worked two jobs, one of which was a Pedestal Gardens, when his life was taken by a senseless act of violence. The residents and community partners of Pedestal Gardens came together not only to talk about the kindness that Reginald offered but to ban together in a movement of "Pushing Pedestal Forward" Healing the Soul through Kindness. Special thanks to community partners, Promise Heights, Solider Security, TIME Org., Coppin State and North America Life Insurance for supporting our efforts in helping residents to heal and to seek love and kindness from within.


                      Civic Works- Fresh Cookin'


                                                                   T.I.M.E. Day!
If you missed TIME Day, you missed a GREAT event! Special THANKS to TIME Org for throwing us a great SHINDIG :) If you, your child or family members are in need of therapy or PRP Services, you can call/text 443-2272-1258

                                                    Community Rec Has Opened

                                                 Caring Hands Adult Medical Daycare

                                                         CLQ, Pet Policy Meeting

                           Your Survey Counts
WHEN: Tuesday May 9th at 12pm WHERE: 325 McMechen St. The Community Room WHY: Complete a survey for the Upton Planning Committee about the development in the Upton Community (Pedestal is part of the Upton Community) Time: The survey will take no more than 20 minutes. Get here on-time and we can do the group at one time. Food WILL be served!

                                                                 Bed-Bug Training


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