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YMCA on Druid Hill will have a  >>Mobile Health Event << on Wednesday June 30th from 9-4pm


Click the link for complete information>>>>Payne Memorial COVID-19 Vaccination<<<<<<<
Click the link for complete information>>>>>Payne Memorial: Food Pantry<<<<<<<<

The YMCA has joined partnerships with LFTY to help people get their COVID-19 immunizations. Days to get your vaccinations: Mon-Wed 11am to 5pm OR Tues and Thursday 9am-3pm. Bring your ID. Click here to Register with CVS to receive COVID-19 Vaccine; click here to register with Ride with LYFT. We also have a partnership with LYFT and you can ride to and from CVS for up to $25! Complete the LYFT Form and your ride COULD BE FREE.

Join the YMCA for about $25 per FAMILY  and here's information about  YMCA Senior Swim

Helping to STOP COVID-19 Spread
 In efforts to help community members to keep their hands clean in the midst of COVID-19, we now provide a outside sanitizing station to community members who need to clean their hands. This station also serves as a fill-up station for those who have personal-keychain sanitizers. 

Residents who previously completed the smoking cessation class held from January to March, please take this survey if you are interested in earning $10. Click Smoking Survey

Protect Yourself
The Center for Sexually Transmitted Infections indicated in their 2019 report that based on statistics of 2018,  that 11,886 of  Baltimore City Residents contracted infectious diseases such as chlamydia(8011), gonorrhea (3596) and syphilis (277).  
To help combat the spread of infectious diseases, our partners of the Baltimore City Health Department, hand-delivered condom to us so that we can have for anyone in need. 

 NARCAN Training 
Baltimore is leading in the Opioid crisis--as more Baltimore residents are over-dosing & dying because they purchase drugs that are "laced" with Fentanyl. 
According to In the first 3 months of 2020, there were 515 opioid deaths which is why our partnership with the local Health Department is critical in saving people's lives. Residents and staff learn how to administer NARCAN as well as learn how to take safety precautions when the NARCAN administered. 

                                                       It's That Time to STOP Smoking

Thanks to CEASE, residents are learning how they can kick the habit of smoking.  Over 76% of the residents have indicated that they have smoked for over 11-20 years and over 28% indicated that they smoke 6-10 cigarettes daily. 

Yvonne who leads the class has given residents alternatives to smoking
(changing people, places and things). Weekly, residents are given home assignments to complete--one that tracks how many cigarettes that they smoked in the previous week and identifying what triggers did they faced when they smoked.

The Silent Killer
African Americana are more likely to develop Hypertension and with age the percentages increase nearly double.  A study from Center Disease Control  indicated that between the ages of 50-64, 61% of African Americans will have Hypertension which decreases the chances of living longer. The CDC also point out social factors which aids the increase of Hypertension.
Because Community Life understands the importance of Hypertension screenings, we decided to offer blood pressure checks a our gift-give-away that was sponsored by one of our partners.
We gave the gift that kept giving!

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