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                                                            Job Fair 
Join the <<<JCOCE Career Fair <<<<on Saturday December 3rd from 12-3pm. 1502 Madison Ave. 21217. To remind yourself of this event, add to your calendars on your phone. 

                                                         Security Opportunity 
 If you are interested in security opportunities, please click here>>>>Blue Line Security Opportunities<<<

                                Communities United Employment Opportunity        
You can earn $15 an hour being a Community Promoter in your community. Get paid trainings and learn more about your community. This is also an opportunity for you to work for another community organization and CONTINUE to earn money! Training starts on Tuesday, May 5th AND May 6th 10:30 at City-view @McCullogh 501 Dolphin St.  in the community room.  Click >>Communities United Flyer<<. 
A Wider Circle Virtual Workforce Development Training
Join the 12 weeks training that will teach you how to get the job you want, gain skills and keep the job/career you want --Click>>> A Wider Circle Workforce Training<<<< to learn more. 

                                                    Why Can't I Get/Keep A Job

Thanks to the interns of Coppin State University for using their creativity in efforts to engage with residents about getting/keeping a job. Hope to see you there on 11/13/2018 (TUESDAY at 9am)!! FOOD WILL BE AVAILABLE! Click to see the video!

                                                                     Keepin' It Going!!

SHOUT OUT to resident Beverly Williams! Pedestal Gardens' High School Diploma class ended in May and a few of our residents were very close to be able to take the High School Diploma Assessment but they needed to take one or two more prep session. Ms. Beverly took the initiative to keep the class going by calling everyone in the class and having them commit to going to another session which is offered at South Baltimore Learning Center. Everyone who were in the classes held at Pedestal made a commitment to register for the class which starts in July. Resident Kim Jacobs spilled the beans☺on Ms. Bev stating that she is grateful that Ms. Bev called her and other classmates to tell them about the class because it makes the journey of striving to earn their diploma easier. KUDOS to Ms. Bev (on the right side on her phone)☺#PPF

                                              Second Time Around--High School Diploma 

Earning your High School Diploma is on easy feat, but the residents of Pedestal Gardens have taken charge of pursuing their education. Because of our partnership with Baltimore City Community College, this is Pedestal's second time hosting the High School Diploma classes. We are hoping that all residents earn a high enough scores to qualify to take the test (567 or higher in Reading & 566 or higher in Math). Congrats to Kimberly Jacobs, Beverly Williams and Myron Coleman who already qualify to take the test! You can do it! 

                                                       Tara B. Enters the Workforce 
Congratulations to Tara B. who was offered a position at Casino LIVE! Tara has been trying for a very long time to gain employment, but as she admitted, it was a struggle, but now Tara is well on her way to as she is working hard to meet a goal of her which is to have a house. Tara checks in with me from time to time sharing her workforce experiences and some challenges that she had to overcome. Tara is focused on pushing forward no matter what! Congrats!  

Dorothy B. Share Her Story About The Impact of Having B.C.C.C's High School Diploma Program at Pedestal . Click to watch the video Dorothy B's Story

                                                          Angelo G. Enters the Workforce
Angelo G. was connect with one of our partners, The Garden Church's Work Life Program to work on developing Work Force Development skills. Stephanie from Work Life was able to work one-on-one with Angelo helping him to become gainfully employed with Allied Security part-time. Angelo will be going to his orientation session and he is so excited and we SUPER happy for him! I asked Angelo, what were his plans when he starts being paid from his job and he said that he just wants to SAVE money for FUTURE plans! WONDERFUL! Congrats to Angelo! Welcome to the WORKFORCE!  5/9/2018 I got an update on Angelo--Per Stephanie from Work Life, Angelo is still going strong in the Workforce and he likes being a security guard! Angelo, Keep Pushing Forward! 
                                                                  Class is in Session
SHOUT OUT to Beverly W., Dorthy B., Paulette A., Kimberly J., Chanice S., Da'Quain A., Victoria J. , Kenya W. Tanika R. and Dwade B. for pursuring thier HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA. We know this is NOT an easy task, but you WILL do it!  SPECIAL THANKS to Ron, Adjunct Professor of Baltimore City Community College!


                                               Earning Your High School Diploma with B.C.C.C.
Earing a living wage can have a great impact on your family just as well as completing a goal that you have set for yourself. This is exactly why these resident have signed up to complete the High School Diploma classes that will prepare them for the assessment. Way to go residents of Pedestal!

                                                            There's A Shero At Pedestal Gardens
I LOVE when residents make lasting-positive impacts in not only their lives but the lives of others. Eolongda P. has been a resident at Pedestal Gardens for under a year and she has already started making strides! Ms. Pittman, was hired by one of our partners Soldier Security  and within one month of employment, she did something that gives me chills every time I think about it...she GAVE someone a second chance at LIFE.

In our world there are so many negative situations that surrounds us daily and when I hear something that warms my heart or makes me smile, I hold on to the notion that there is HOPE in a world that is truly unpredictable and is unraveling daily.

Ms. Pittman's story is that she was working at her designated work-site and as she was being attentive and watching the security cameras, she watched as she was not sure if something was wrong when Steven F. stumbled. She waited and watched intensely and then saw him clench his chest. She then ran from the basement floor to the third floor and when Steven F. saw her he asked was she security and when she responded "YES", he literally fell into her arms, where she then called 911 and initiated C.P.R. which SAVED Steven F.'s LIFE! How OUTSTANDING it that!! We at Pedestal Gardens are honored to display such a SHEROIC act of humanity on our website!

Ms. Kane Earns Her CDL 2/2

                                                  Making Strides with T. Kane 4/27/2017                                         Work Life Program

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