Youth Development

                                                                   Youth Development 



Yes we are getting geared up for summer camp! Come meet >>>So What Else Pop-up<<< in front of the community room at Pedestal Gardens on Wednesday June 2nd from 1-3pm Get your grab and go items and sign up for Summer Camp! Camp will be at Marshall and Pedestal Gardens! Complete your application>>>So What Else. Camp will be from 9-2pm Mon-Fri.

We are hiring two(2)camp leaders  ages 12-24 to help support the camp. Camp leads will be paid $75 which will be paid by a gift card (Visa, Walmart, or Other cards). Text" Camp Leader" to Meloni @ 410-989-7143 and an application will be sent to you. 

Opportunity for youth ages 14-18 to talk about what impacts you the most. The first two youth who join will receive a $25 gift card. Complete the application AND text Meloni at 410-989-7143 to let her know you completed the application. After you have attended the virtual meeting on Feb 11@5pm, and can answer questions related to the session, you will receive the $25 gift card. 

                                               Youth Leader                                                

Congratulations to Taliyah who will be our Pedestal's Youth Lead for the Summer Programming!  Taliyah will learn leadership skills, engagement strategies and personal development skills with the supports of  program leaders Sherrett, Monica, Jackie and Quisha.  

With the support of So, What Else, 360 Degrees and TIME Organization we are providing summer camp for our youth. Our community partners understand the need of offering programming for your youth especially in the wake of COVID-19. 

As we all know, many people are experiencing depression, anxiety and social disconnect from being in quarantine. We have designed a program that provides enrichment activities social/emotional activities while following the CDC guidelines of social distancing. 

Please complete the>>>> Pedestal Gardens Summer Camp Permission Form<<<< if you would like your child(ren) to attend.

Camp starts on Tuesday July 7th-Thursday July 30th from 9:30-12pm. Snack will be provided! 

Please note that on July 7th, camp will be dismissed at 11:00am

                                            Pedestal's Kids 2nd Sip and Paint 
Special THANKS to So What Else Org., & Madison Park Improvement Association who hosted a Sip and Paint for the youth of Pedestal and the youth of the community! Also, THANKS to Monica of TIME Org who joined in on the festivities!

                                            Community Officers Teaching Youth How To Be Safe

Community Officers talk and demonstrate how to be safe in an active shooting, fire, violence and stranger-danger Safety First!

Celebrating Student Excellence 

Congrats to Tyleia Y. for earning Honor Roll! We LOVE promoting our kids who do GREAT things--this fits the bill!!

                                                                 We Plant Our Own
Our partner So What Else Org. never cease to amaze me with their outreach with the kids as well as the adults. Chris, is the newest asset of So What Else and she brings a wealth of knowledge with her. She has collaborated with other organizations and she has received donations from business to help the residents of Pedestal to learn and plan-plant their own garden. The excitement of this alone is amazing considering that Pedestal is in the midst of a food desert. Thus far Chris has planned to plant radishes and lettuce as well as seasonal flowers. Such a good thing for Pedestal!

       9/24/2019                                                           My Aunt's House
Tiffany H., one of Pedestal's community members has formed a POSITIVE girl's dance/modeling group for the youth in the community. Tiffany has a history of wanting to help women and girls as she understands some of challenges that just being a "girl" can bring. We are LOVING the fact that one of our own has dedicated her time, efforts and resources POSITIVELY influence the young girls in the community. Tiffany, we salute you as you are an OUTSTANDING community member.
Parents, if you are interested in signing your young lady up for dance, etiquette, & modeling, please contact Tiffany at 667-203-2442. 

                                                         Our Kids Have it Naturally! 
Shout out to So What Else Organization and TIME Organization that ALWAYS provide our after school program with optimum programming that stimulates the mind, body and souls of our youth. I cannot say enough about these organizations as they have been SUPER supportive over the years! In the photos below, SWE has invited Joe to teach the youth how to listen to percussion and make their own beats using instruments--this was really wonderful how the sounds came together.
Chris, who is one of SWE's lead instructors along with Jackie, TIME's Organization PRP program supporter were there to give the program the support that was needed.

Parents, if you are interested in signing your child up for our after school, program, we have a few slots open. You may pick up an application that is on the BACK of my office door!

                                                         Congrats to Pedestal's Graduates
On behalf of the staff at Pedestal, we'd like to say congratulations to our youth who graduated. You all will go on to be successful scholars and do well in any career path that you take! 
                                                  FREE  Pedestal's Summer Camp, 2019!
Sign your child(ren) up for Summer Camp @ Pedestal. Sessions begin 7-1/2019 thru 8/2/2019. Children MUST be AT LEAST age 5 to be enrolled! Spaces are LIMITED Applications are located in the Community Room AND on the back of the OUTSIDE community door in a clear/black bin.

                               Addressing Bullying: Parents Saying--It STOPS HERE! 

On-line drama comes to life, but parents of the youth at Pedestal come together to form an Advisory Board to help combat the bullying that either their children have imposed on someone or to make a stand to say the bullying is NOT ok. 

                                                          So What Else
The pyramid of trust! Thanks to our partners So What Else and Coppin State Interns who are always showing up and enhancing the skills and talents of our youth!

Coppin State Interns & Youth
One thing that I have learned is that card games teach kids how to be strategic--that's a good thing

Strategy in Playing Cards and the Dot Game 
The youth in Pedestal Gardens are SUPER competitive when it comes to UNO & the Dot Game. In the game of UNO, they come up with a variety of rules that a players have to agree to follow and in the Dot Game youth use their strategic measures to create boxes and the person with the most boxes is crowned the WINNER! 

                                         Individualized Education Plan (IEP)/Behavior

Thanks to Ms. Waheed, Special Educator at Eutaw Marshburn and Monica of TIME for educating us regarding IEP, cognitive disabilities and parent's rights. If you suspect that your child has a learning disorder or a behavior disorder that would impact learning, it is YOUR right to know the steps--know your rights as parents! Below is a video which is an overview of parental rights. Also an IEP is attached. If you have any questions, please let me know. IEP--What does it mean---What are YOUR Parental Right?  Click to view an IEP (Part 1)   (Part 2)

                                                                Addressing Bullying 
As we can all attest to, bullying has become a epidemic that is unfortunately taking the lives of our youth; however at the same time, our youth are lashing out at one another because of differences and moreover because of social media issues. Our youth receive therapeutic sessions that addresses self-awareness, de-escalation techniques, and therapeutic awareness in general which includes bullying. Monica of TIME has been successful, but as she has indicated daily our CL staff have to start from the beginning of teaching youth that our after school/camp is a safe heaven for everyone and bullying is not tolerated. In the picture below, Monica is speaks to the campers regarding bulling with the support of the Youth/Pedestal Workers. Everyone in this group has a chance to speak not just about bullying but if they were bullied before, how did bullying make them feel.
 Learning Time
Sherrett of 360 Degrees/ So What Else an amazing Enrichment Instructor. She trains the youth workers on how to engage with campers at meet them at their educational levels and elevate them. When I walked into the room, to hear every youth worker engaged with youth campers, I had to take a picture of this--this is what it takes--a village is most definitely raising children.

  Yoga to the Rescue 
Knowing how to de-escalate is an essential key in dealing with life. Monica and Kia of TIME, use their therapeutic session to engage the youth in yoga. 

Monopoly TEACHES Youth How The Real World Operates 

Click to see how Pedestal's youth react when Monopoly Gets REAL 

                                                            First Working Experience 
She works hard for the money!! That's right Crystal C. works in the after school program and is being compensated through our partnership with So What Else Org. who not only provide enrichment activities for our youth, So What Else also compensate three of our residents. Our agreement with resident employees of So What Else includes that they MUST open a savings/checking account with our local credit union SECU and take Financial Literacy classes with Work Life Organization and take the self-paced on-line Financial Literacy assignments. We are plating seeds that will blossom for the betterment of the individual and the community!
                                                                         So, What Else??

Through our partnership with So What Else Organization and 360 Degrees, we are able to offer our after school program enrichment activities. One skill that we KNOW that can be an asset for our youth is understanding WHAT is value and understanding money. Take a look  at the video by clicking the link Pedestal's Youth Make Big Moves In Monopoly

                                                       Taking Time To Sort Some Things Out
Our after school program differs as we have two components to help the challenges that our youth face in their struggle to self-identify, deal with trauma, and maneuver in a world that makes it difficult to just be a kid: Therapy and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (PRP/Mentorship). Monica of TIME Organization takes time to meet with some of the kids from the program to debrief about the days activities. The girls understand a few basic rules: everyone speaks to one another in a kind manner, respect everyone and when they share they offer support for one another. Our kids are facing some challenges that are unprecedented, so having a partner such as TIME Org. is crucial in giving our kids the tools to combat what the world is throwing at them.

 4/17/2018                                             Connecting Events Through Art 
Art, particularly painting and drawing has an amazing affect on people where the act can mentally take you to a place of tranquility--often the person doesn't even know that they have de-stressed, de-escalated, and have magically been transitioned from a place of high energy to a place of complete calmness. Monica from T.I.M.E.  is preparing our youth from the after school program to do just that. Not only will they connect events through art, they will also share about how the event and colors makes them feel. 

1/9/2018                       Youth Understanding Feelings T.I.M.E & P.R.P.
Sometimes it's hard for adults to proces feelings so you can imagine that it could be difficult for youth to process feelings. Monica from TIME is helping our youth to understand feelings and what's associated with them. Regine is a PRP from TIME and she is helping a youth with an assignment.

12/18/2017                     Monica of T.I.M.E. Leads Youth Discussion on Respect
Respect is one of those things that if youth don't learn when they are young, they turn into adults who do not understand the boundaries of society. Monica not only does a great job with explaining but she also aligns respect with feelings. Example: How do you feel when someone disrespects you?

12/13/2017                     Reggie of T.I.M.E. Leads Discussion on Bullying
Unfortunately, bullying has had a negative impact on our youth. Reggie of T.I.M.E did an amazing job with explaining bullying and feeling to the youth of Pedestal Gardens.

12/4/201                             Holla Hoopin' With Word Wall Challenge
Our afterschool program focuses on Math and Reading, so our youth not only learn, we incorporate being active with learning the words that they have on their word wall. Reading and fun--can't beat it!

11/8/2017                                                    Holla Hoopin'
Our after school program not only focuses on enhancing youth's reading and math--it also includes being active too...Pedestal's Girls with Jayla our intern from Coppin State! If you would like to enroll your child 5 years or older, please stop by the Community Room and pick up an application.


8/7/2017                                    J'Naya's Accomplishments
Congrats to J'Naya for earning GREAT grades on her report-card! Because her accomplishment, she EARNED two Chick- Fil-A gift-cards. Keep aiming for stars J'Naya!

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