We want to SHINE a light on those RESIDENTS OR STAFF who something positive for the community. If you CATCH  RESIDENTS and/or STAFF doing something GREAT, please take a few minutes to put them on for a CAUGHT YA Award! Residents who win, will earn a rent concession(credit) for up to $100 and employees who win will earn time off! The person who has the most CAUGHT YA's will win!

Nominate Staff/Residents in these few steps:

1. Take a picture and send to AND include: YOUR name, your phone number, your address if you are a resident. Be sure to include the person's name and address (if you know it) and write a short caption of why the person should win the Caught Y
2. Come to the RENTAL OFFICE complete a Caught Ya form that's on the side of the Caught Ya box and drop it in the Caught Ya box. **Drawings are done at the end of each month.**


Resident, Tifanie Barnes is Pedestal's SHERO! During her housekeeping inspection, we saw that not only she has a clean and tidy home, she writes positive affirmations on sticky notes for her kids to see before they go to school. Tifanie writes positive affirmations such as: You are smart, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are LOVED!  Thank you Tifanie for being such an inspiration! #PPF

Shonda our maintenance tech is one of the hardest working people I know! Shonda wants the job done and she wants it done right! Shonda here's to you for keeping up with resident's work-orders bringing in those home-made sweets that the staff love so much. We hope to Catch Ya doing something notable again! #PPF

What can you say about Renea C.? Well, we can definitely say that she keeps us informed of all the resources in the community. You can say that when she KNOWS something, WE know! Renea recently dropped off a turkey which will be given to a resident in need. Prior to that, she gave us information regarding where the kids can get coats and prior to that she gave us information about where residents can get food if needed. Renea, THANK you for being a V.I.P. of Pedestal! Because of your willingness to share your resources, you have helped us in the spirit of Pushing Pedestal Forward #PPF.

Bo, has been awarded the Caught Ya because he is said to be on-point for doing his job, funny and diligent. All great qualities to have! Bo, this Caught Ya is for you and we hope to catch you doing something well deserved again! 

  Charles is the Maintenance Supervisor for Pedestal and he was recently CAUGHT for doing something GREAT for the month of October! Charles came to Pedestal with a plan to improve not just the external appearance of Pedestal, but the internal structure of the maintenance department as well. Charles has collaborated with CL and PM to help us with the concerns of the residents as it relates to safety. Under Charles's direction, the maintenance team have worked to unblock the main-door entry ways for improved visibility, gave residents keys to the laundry rooms to help security purposes, and put trashcans around the property so that residents can help keep the property clean. Charles has proven to be not just a leader for his team, but a mentor as well! Charles, this CAUGHT YA is for you--Enjoy!


Lisa, who is our Leasing Professional, was the recipient of the CAUGHT YA for September (we skipped August). Lisa has an AMAZING spirit, she is ALWAYS on time, and her professionalism is outstanding! She is the first person you meet when you enter the office and she is always super nice! Lisa supports Property Management as well as Community Life so we keep her busy! Lisa, THANKS for all you do-this CAUGHT YA is for YOU!!

Our FIRST resident CAUGHT YA, goes to Tara B. Tara is always supportive of the after-school program and will do anything to help in her community. When "duty" calls, Tara answers--her most recent call was to support the after school program by serving dinner to the youth. She has also volunteered to pick up her neighbor's child to ensure that she arrives home safely. Tara B. you are the true definition of "it takes a village to raise a child". Pushing Pedestal Forward #PPF


Andrew, who is our Manager, was the recipient of the CAUGHT YA for July. Andrew is responsible for ensuring that the many moving pieces of Pedestal move with as much precision as possible and the team has CAUGHT YA for July! Keep it up Andrew--we are sure to CATCH YA again!

Maria, who is our Assistant Manager, was the recipient of the CAUGHT YA for June. Maria, helps to keep everyone on track including residents­čśŐ. Maria is hard-working and committed to the success of Pedestal Gardens. With such motivation & determination, we sure hope to CATCH Maria again!

Brian, who is our Community Porter, was the recipient of the CAUGHT YA for May. Brian has earned the CAUGHT YA for starting work early to get a jump on cleaning the buildings, being pleasant and being dedicated! Awesome work Brian--we hope to CATCH YA again!
Warren, who is our Community Porter, was the recipient of the CAUGHT YA for April. For being Caught--Warren has earned time off! Residents and employees acknowledged that Warren goes out of his way to do nice gestures that are technically NOT in his job description such offering to help a resident because recently was released from the hospital, for doing a good job in general and for filling in for staff! Warren has a good attitude about everything and as we know attitude goes a long way! Keep up the GOOD WORK Warren--we hope to CATCH YA again!

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