Pedestal University-Assignments for Missed Mandatory Meetings/Trainings

Community Members of Pedestal/Marshall Gardens, 

Please see trainings below. 

Click to review the>>>Makin' Money Moves<< Presentation

The VAWA Training was held on 1/23/2020.FIRST read>>>> Domestic Violence/VAWA Presentation SECOND please click to answer the VAWA Training Questions (when you finish the assignment will be sent to my email and you will receive credit for attending)

Click the link for the presentation>>>>>> KNOW YOUR LEASE PRESENTATION. Answer the following questions and send your responses to Be sure to include your name, phone number and address so that we can indicate on your account that you completed the training.

1. In the presentation, there is mention of being a Community Member, in your own words what does that mean to you?

2. According to the presentation what were the Rules and Regulations designed for? Please explain in your own words.

3. According to the presentation what day of the month is your rent due?

4. According to the presentation, what is in review?

5. According to the presentation how much is the fine for trash-bags being left in the hallways or if trash is left in designated areas?

6. Give examples of what CAN be put in the garbage disposals; give examples of what CANNOT be put in garbage disposals.

7. Can you post an advertisement on the wall that indicates that you are selling dinners, or that you braid hair? Why/Why Not?

8. Would you be charged for your carpet having cigarette burns on it or because you have small holes in the walls?

9. Can your guest park on Pedestal Gardens parking lot?

10. Can you park your car on the lot if it is NOT registered to your Pedestal Gardens address?

11. Is loitering allowed by children?

12. If your child is locked out, can he/she get the key from the office? Explain.

13.Can Management deny entry of your guest(s)? Explain.

14. If you or members of your household are locked out after hours, what MUST you do?

15.Who should you call first if you smell gas?

16. According to the presentation what is Affordable Housing/Income Based AND what program do you and your family fall under?

17. Can you sublease your unit to someone? Explain.

18. What is debt and how can it impact you?

19. Why should you have a budget?

20. If you/family members sell drugs, what do you think will happen to your subsidy?

21. If your guest has a gun will that impact your tenancy at Pedestal? Explain.

22. What should you keep in mind as related to noise?

23. According to HUD (not a Pedestal Gardens Rule) how many calendar days can you have guest sleep over?

24. According to the diagram, name at least three (3) types of domestic abuse.

25. What is elder abuse. Explain in your own words.

26. What are we implementing in the near future?

27. Pedestal Gardens has DWELLING insurance that covers ONLY the structure of the building and NOT your belongings. About how much is insurance to cover items in your home?

28. If it snows and you drive, should you dig out your car?

29. Housekeeping is IMPORTANT! What should you do to keep your home clean? **Please note that if your home is cited for poor housekeeping, the process will be as follows:

A. Property Management will notify Community Life.

B. You will receive a notice with a date/time to come to take a training and then immediately after the meeting we will go to your unit to do a pre-inspection.

C. After the pre-inspection, you will be given a date of when the inspection will take place. You do not have to be home.

D. There will be an inspection sheet left in your home indicating if you need to address items. On the back there will be indication if there will be another inspection.

E.  The results of your inspection will be given to Property Management. If there is a constant housekeeping issue, legal actions will ensue.

30. How many times a year does HUD requires the Management Team to conduct unit inspections?

31.Can residents refuse extermination?


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